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 Animagus Test

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PostSubject: Animagus Test   Sat Jul 19, 2008 6:45 pm

Animagus Test
1.What is an animagus?

2.What is the difference between someone who is an animagus and someone who was changed into an animal by transfiguration but isnít an animagus?

3.Is a wand required to do Animagus Transfiguration?

4.How can you tell an animagus from other animals?

5.Are animagusís able to communicate with other animals in their animagus form?

6.Name four animagus. You must list at least one who is registered (ex. Surius Black is not registered, you cannot use Surius as one)

7.Write a 150 word essay about the animal of your choice for your animagus form.

(Fill this out and send your answers to me through pm. Do not post the answers here.)
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Animagus Test
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