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PostSubject: Rules.   Fri Aug 17, 2007 11:25 pm


1. You can have more than one character but not too many.
2. They can be a teacher or a student but if you are a teacher you have to have a class that isn't taken by anyone.
3) You may have more than one Death Eater,Order member, ect. but do not make to many.
4) Please post in the right catagories (Magical World, Non-Magical World)
5) The character sheet on your profile will be for one of your characters.


1) No bad words please.
2) No inappropriate things please.
3) Well one that comes to mind is if there is a werewolf character. The rules that should go along with this are to be followed:
4) Do not delibratly follow the character anywhere while it is in this form or is about to change unless given permission by the character's owner.
5) (this is for the owner of the werewolf character.) Please stick to one werewolf. If you have three different werewolf's it'll be annoying to everyone else around, and there will end up being whole conversations with just one poster.
6) stick to somewhere safe to transform. In fact...stick to the shrieking shack or the forbidden forest. We don't want things getting out of line.
7) PLEASE do not kill of someone's character randomly. Even if the person has multipule chracters, it's rude to just suddnely kill one.
Cool If someone wants to kill of their character, they need to PM an admin or mod , with the details of who, and why you want the character to be killed. Then, if we say ok, feel free to have someone kill of your character.
9) If someone kills off your character without asking you, PM or contact and Admin, we'll take care of it.
10) As stated, you can create more than one character, but please, don't let it get messy. If we feel that you have too many characters, we'll ask you to get rid of one or two. Also, if you feel someone has too many characters, PM an Admin or a Mod, don't confront the person themself.
11)If you use bad words you will have a warning PMed to you by the admin. If you have five warnings you will be banned.
12)If you put innoproprate things on here you will be banned with only one warning.
read, or something else. Also, because we don't want any far out powers
13) If there is an argument between diff. people on the site, although the argument is taking place outside of the site, DO NOT BRING THE FIGHT HERE!! There will be serious punishment if we catch any of this going on.
14) NO downing other members here. I don't care what is going on between you and another member (s) seriously, no down talking about others here. It will punished seriously.
15) as stated before, five warnings you're banned. However, three warnings and you are suspended.
16)These next few rules are about the actual RPing its self. First one i have on my mind is duelling:

it is ok for you to duel another person, but PLEASE DO NOT DUEL YOURSELF. this is mostly for people with multipile characters, because even i (and i talk to myself XD) would not have one RP duel against themself.....ermmm wierd much?

17) you need permission to perfrom unforgivales. please don't just go cruciong people for the fun of it. That'll be a warning on your part...now do you really want that?
18) don't control other people's characters. I've had days when I'll be off the comp for a while and come back to a site where someone has pulled my character around and made him/her say things. Okay...stick to your character or you take someone else's fun away and you wouldn't want to do that.
18) don't set up a dumb plot. If the whole gist of your plot is something like taste testing coffee.....errmmm don't expect it to last too long.

example of something that would be deleted:

Tally walked into the Great Hall ready to taste alll the coffee she possibly could. She was in a coffee moood today.

As tally drank her beloved coffee, she shooed everyone away from her. Her coffee time was special.


see why that would be deleted?

Something accepted:

Tally walked into the Great Hall that morning needing some coffee after her very very long night. She had been up all night studying for her Ancient Runes exam, which, if she was moving at this slow pace, she would probably be very, very late for.

Sitting down, and trying to enjoy a black coffee, Tally shooed everyone away from her. She was not trying to be rude, but she really didn't want to be grouchy to some unexpected kid, after her long night without any sleep.


okay i think you get the point i'm trying to get across.

19)If you're going to post playing a muggle sport such as soccer, do it in the regular world, not the magical. And if you are playing Quidditch, please restrict it to magical world. If posted in the wrong place, you get a warning.
20) no magic is to be preformed in the regular world.....unless COMPLETLY needed as a saftey thing or you have asked permission from one of the admins....but please refrain from doing so in front of muggles.
21) to have a special power, you need to PM and admin to make sure that your power is not too far out. If your character can fly randomly, without a broom, it's not a power that your character will get to keep.
22)When you create a character as a Hogwarts student please wait for you to be sorted to put their house. This only applies for your first student character.
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