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 Updated Rules and the way it's going to work.

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PostSubject: Updated Rules and the way it's going to work.   Fri Aug 17, 2007 10:41 pm

Please turn your attention to this updated version, thank you.

First Round:

Samuel Johnson vs. Tally Cathers
Oddie Riddle vs. Catherine Soliel
Chris Potter vs. Tom Riddle

Winners and points posted.

Second Round:
Tally Cathers vs. Tom Riddle
Catherine Soleil vs. Chris Potter
Samuel Johnson vs. Oddie Riddle

Winners and points posted.
Elimination decided by judge.

Third Round:
Tally Cathers VS. Chris Potter
Tom Riddle VS. Sameul Johnson
Chris Potter VS. Oddie Riddle

Winners and points posted.
Elimination decided by judge.

Last two remaining
(will be updated)

Winner Decided.
Second Place decided.
Points awarded.

Final Points:

Ultimate Winner: 160 bonus house points
Second Place: 140 bonus house points
Third Place: 100 bonus house points
Fourth Place: 80 bonus house points
Last place: 15 house points

Each duel will be about 2 weeks. There will be no limits on how many posts you make, but the regular double posting and spam rules apply.


1. Be fair.
2. No unforgivable curses.
3. No more than three counter curses per duel
4. No healing yourself. The damage has already been done
5. You may not say something did not happen, although the previous poster made it clear that the event already took place.
6. No animagus use unless that is your characters power.
7. You may not apperate unless you are 17 and have been given permission by Chris or myself.
8. You may not use any curses against the other person that are fatal.
9. No using a power that your character does not posses. (Character Power list can be found here.)
10. You may not god-mod. This means that you may not role play as the other character.
10. NO killing each otherís characters. We like to RP with our characters, we donít want them dead.
11. All posting for the tournament shall be done in RP form.

Remember that the usual site rules apply.
Breaking of the duelling rules the first time is 3 points off your score. The second time, it is 8 points off your score and you get a warning. Third time is all points taken away and being banned from the tournament. You guys know we donít like to get mad and have to take privileges away, so donít make us.
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Updated Rules and the way it's going to work.
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